Who we are


DECOR is developed by Dr Kai Heitmann who works as an healthcare IT consultant in Europe with the main focus on Germany and the Netherlands. He is based in the Berlin area and mainly active in the fields of standardization in healthcare communication, especially the HL7 (Health Level Seven) family of standards like CDA and FHIR and terminologies like SNOMED CT and LOINC.

Kai is an acknowledged expert in Healthcare Information Technology; he has advised the Ministries of Health of some European countries, as well as large trade associations in Germany and the Netherlands, on aspects of e-Health.

ART is developed by Gerrit Boers who is a Netherlands-based health care consultant. His expertise in terminology applications is a major contribution to ART-DECOR’s terminology services and browsers.

Kai and Gerrit are the CEOs of ART-DECOR® Open Tools. Both are also part of the ART-DECOR® Expert Group ADEG.

ART-DECOR Expert Group

Since the start of the original development of ART-DECOR back in 2008, the ART-DECOR Expert Group is continuously growing. People with different skills joined the group to take care of specific topics, give advice or actually help build ART-DECOR. 

The ART-DECOR Expert Group is comprised of various experts, the current list of people is introduced here.